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Biodiversity, Landscape & Community in Cameroon

Located only six hours by road from the capital city Yaoundé, the Dja Biosphere Reserve is a showcase area for Cameroon's forest wildlife.  In this high-value ecosystem it is essential that people's needs, especially the rural poor, are supported in ways that help to sustain the landscape for future generations. The pressure on the landscape is considerable, due in part to its proximity to the capital, but also because of access provided by major roads.

​Charismatic species such as forest elephant, western lowland gorillas and central African chimpanzees are all found in the Dja Biosphere Reserve, with several other high-profile animals such as giant pangolins, dwarf crocodiles.
​The challenge of building 'sustainable practices' for people living in and around the Dja includes addressing 'illegal commercial bushmeat trade', recognising the need to protect species threatened with extinction.

Living Earth has worked with communities in the Dja Reserve and other areas for many years, together with local and international partners. In recent years a focus on food security and new models for development that aims to achieve conservation outcomes through activities to support livelihoods at the community level.




Biosphere Reserve, Landscape, Conservation, Species Protection